I was Out of My Depth On this One

I'll categorically state that I didn't choose this particular adventure. I choose most of them. But it's not because I'm hydrophobic. I indeed love water.

And it turned out to be the best time of 2017 yet!

A few weekends ago, I set out to overcome some nerves and actually appear on TV talking about something I love, something other than Food, Tech, Girls in STEM and Chemistry. I joined the #KoikoiUG patrons, Kafunda Creative and CNN - Inside Africa crew to shoot an interview and talk about tourism in Uganda, where it's going and what part we have to play in making it happen.

For someone who takes lots and lots of pictures, even I can't explain what I dislike about myself on camera, but I do. And this was the day that I stepped out of that shell and swallowed some of the Nile while at it. So off we went.

The story isn't that long, if you don't consider the pep-talks, begging some fellows to get into the raft, try out the flip-over exercises, and eventually get the to the fast level-5 Rapids, the rain coming down on us just before we battled the great Itanda falls rapid that didn't leave half the crew seated (literally) but rather floating away in the Nile and desperately wishing they had learned to follow instructions much earlier in life.

The point of this blog is to show you just how much fun you could have drinking up the Nile (not Nile Special Lager, but close) and just stepping out of your comfort zone. Call up these Raft Uganda guys one of these days and take the plunge!

Wait, that wasn't the beginning, or the end. So let's start at the beginning,😜😝😝😝

Pictures By: Raft Uganda

Team. Me: The cool chap with white sunnies, oozing M.E.L.A.N.I.N

Do Not attempt to jump out of the raft like our instructor in this shot. 

We took a break to take in the Nile and its glory

When you're down one or two and are now sure to survive the Nile, smile and wave. Say a prayer of thanksgiving for the masterpiece of life as you now know it. 

Row your own boat, always!

In the deep. Leaders (read ME) doing the absolute most!

Look at that! Came down without butting an eyelid!

We believed ourselves to be winners, conquerors at this very moment

I had to prep my soldiers for the last Level 5 Rapid battle

At this point, we feared nothing in the world save for the thunderous roar of the Itanda falls which was upon us. 
And then we took it on. 
Some people will nearly die from fear, like this guy whose feet we can see

Then this happened!😥

And this; a moment of introspection and reflection, and anguish and glee

And here are the survivors of that fall! Some leaders are more awesome than others
And that's a conqueror's smile! And David after his rescue from the valley of the shadow of the Nile

Enjoy the Nile when you meet! 


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