Anything that Can Go Wrong, Most Likely Wont!

Last month, I was faced with the reality that is Murphy's Law, that adage that "things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance," or more commonly, "whatever can go wrong,will go wrong." and most certainly at the most inappropriate time! 
It all started like this. 

I had a fairly good week, breathing, eating, and all other things including preparing for the Leo Africa Economic Forum set for Friday. I was definitely more excited about it than usual. I had a little speaking to do there and by end of week, I was glad it was little speaking because I certainly had a lot more on my mind than the forum. So I was a happy fellow rising early to join the other eager scholars of all things Tech, disruption, STEM, Economics and everything in-between, at the Kampala Serena. 

At the back of my mind I didn't stop worrying about the weekend's Koikoi trip which I'd long since accepted the nerve-wrecking thought of not being a part of it, mostly for control issues. But see, I've been learning to let go, and let God. So I kept pushing the thoughts as far back in my mind as I could, believing that everything was in place for just about anyone to take the team on a great weekend expedition. With the larger-than-life rhinos as my only worry.
Adult rhinos could weigh between 1.5 to 2 tonnes! Not your ideal camping buddies.

Shortly before 11am, I checked on a kind Ugandan who had picked up supplies for team and needed to hand them over to the crew before their 1:00 pm departure from town. I found out this exchange had not been made yet, which caused me to worry about something else; transportation. If this pick-up hadn't been made yet, where was the bus driver, the bus & therefore, where did that leave everybody else who was packed and ready to go? 

Some of the #KoikoiNW storytellers, A.K.A warriors!

Pictures by: Kreativ Adikt
The only thing harder than telling oneself to remain calm, is actually remaining calm. [I need to begin using CALM seriously] 

I managed to get through the morning with minimal anxiety by simply convincing myself that my mobile phone notifications were simply urgent but not important. 😓 

Fast forward, a worthwhile Economic forum colored with thought-provoking conversations came to an end and so did my anxiety, as the real trouble with the trip was before my eyes. 
The patrons at Kafunda Kreative did everything they knew to get the story tellers well on their way to our first stop and night's refuge, the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. And I got on my way to catch up with them at 10:00pm, with a crazy bunch of a race-car driver and a peaceful companion. 
Did you know that the Southern White Rhino isn't even "white" but rather Wide-square mouthed? The story lies within the pronunciation of these two words, White ~ Wide.
Our time at the sanctuary was beautiful and restful, and without exaggeration, the best meals had on this trip were had there. The sanctuary houses the only existing Southern White Rhinos in Uganda, 20 of them. Actually, there's just one more at the Wildlife Education Center in Entebbe. The rangers at the sanctuary eat, live, breathe and sleep Rhino-theory. You can tell how much they love the enormous-sized but graceful grey animals from the way they talk about them. They watch the rhinos 24/7 and will stop you before you bring any harm to them. 

Malaika and son, Noele grazing at the sanctuary

Someone (a likely trespasser) who wasn't given a proper burial.

The sanctuary is home to a few of 'Pumbas' cousins, warthogs

If you can maintain this single file, the rangers will be most pleased with you

Picture By : Nze Eve

When we were well-fed and happy to interact again.

Pictures by: Kreativ Adikt
The rest of our trip was spent in the magnificent Kabalega Falls National Park, now famously referred to as the Murchison Falls National Park. There true travelling happened; laughter, banter, waiting, bonding, mechanical failure of vehicles, surprise, shock, fatigue, anguish, and so many memories were made. 
There's always an opportunity to become the "Chosen one"

Aye, other people were chosen too!

But Dr. Davis did the most.

Photos by: Andrew Pacutho

Our own travelers challenged the masters in Pachwach at their art

This #MegaMassape is proudly sponsored by Airtel Uganda

Game; it has a way of humbling you. Elephants are masterpieces.

Koikoi people will teach how to shoot and edit NatGeo images using your smartphone, no lie!

Murchison falls NP is littered with these gracious spots

Pictures by: Bob Ditty 

This #MegaMassape album cover is also sponsored by Airtel Uganda
Location: The more scenic part of Panyimur Hot Spring, Pachwach Uganda
 Picture By: Andrew Pacutho

I took so much from #KoikoiNW trip; life lessons from a great many trials and happy hours on the road, friends in a way that I didn't know and I certainly hope I left something behind for another traveler, a resident or friend to find. I learned about the numerous hot springs (and some not-so-hot) that exist in the North-West, wonders to visitors and yet common washing grounds and bonding spaces for the community folk. 

That trip became a great inspiration for a talk I delivered recently at Rotaract club of Kyambogo on why and how to travel & see Uganda on a budget. With the understanding that travel is not always easy or comfortable, but it's ALWAYS Rewarding. 

So when the next bell is sounded, which should be soon, add your voice to the story when Koikoi Uganda goes East this August! 

Obey the Wanderlust!


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