This is not a Black Panther Review

I have not watched the Black Panther movie, yet.

So I sit here wondering if I'm even still African. I'm not Black. Of course I ain't black! Hol'up, I've got tonnes of melanin, alright. But I'm also living on the African continent and by all urban definitions I'm therefore, African, not Black. That is, until I pack up and leave my beautiful mountainous sub-Saharan pothole-y motherland for another promised land in search of my African dream in a land that's less-African than me.
The movie has been in the cinema, four days now! Do I still qualify as African? Have I betrayed my heritage?

I'm not one of these Wakanda Women pictured here, but you get the Melanin picture, right!

These purple-green-yellow-colored walls of a classroom, well lit up by the bright African sun  are certainly not why I sit here, quietly, wondering if I still deserve my African card. It's this worrisome lack of Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) on this momentous event in pop culture history, the screening of Ryan Coogler's masterful superhero drama, the BLACK PANTHER! The internet is all the rage. 
Even the very first & only black First Lady of the United States of America (because they are the upper limit) tweeted about it. See!

 Si two weeks ago I wasn't excited about watching Blank Panther. That's the honest truth. Today I'm not excited about it either. But the thought of powerful amazonian-like women obliterating all weak notions of who women were, are and will be, in a beautiful superhero action excites me. I won't lie. I'm so excited by that simple thought. If they are covered in as much melanin as Lupita & Danai Gurira, even better!

So why aren't I watching Wonder Woman again instead?

Well the answer to that question may also be the same one to my incredulous indifference to the Blank Panther Hype. Two weeks ago I figured that when the movie finally landed, I'd eventually go out and watch it  but not without Nev's coercion and insistence that this could possibly be Marvel's best picture EVER, as he repeatedly muttered following the screening of Wonder Woman (surprised we watched it many many days after it hit the cinemas, honestly. What with this guys FOMO!)

We spent hours dissecting the very essence of stories & pieces of art like Wonder Woman to the world today. To women & girls in society today. What it says about Media today and where that conversation could go. About Feminism. And especially about the judgment that people like him have to endure from radical activists for seeking alternative redress of many things wrong with humanity today.

But Nev is not here today.

So I sit here, wondering with who this discourse on the Blank Panther story & intricacies will be had. I miss him. In a feel like that perevious statement is the reason for all this rumbling. Therefore, I'll stop.

So, will I watch this movie?
Yes. Without the pomp. I will not wear my beautiful Gomesi to the cinema, no! I may not even remember to wear African beaded jewelry. Let alone snap a photo for 'the gram'. But I'll do this for the culture, for Wakanda, for Buganda, for Uganda. 😃💪

Did I waste two minutes of your precious digital footprint?
I fear so! But I warned you. This is not a Black Panther review.

Am I going to stop wasting your time now?

But before I go, Oh Hail Uganda Wakanda! #WakandaForever.



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