God Speaks!

This morning while I read my morning devotion, I was drawn to think critically about why God, a loving God would participate in creating a world that's not simply degraded into an unequal mess but into a monstrous place that His very beautiful creation, a women is not only suppressed and oppressed but lives in constant fear. Not fear of wild animals, but of men, fellow human beings.

My thoughts drifted in this direction because (I) I'm living a very present battle for humanity to just be Humane, that is feminism and (II) my devotion directed that I read the bible and seek God's spirit to guide my understanding of it. I couldn't help but wonder why God would allow the exclusion of the purest form of brilliance and intuition (we have experienced) that women have borne since before time, in the crafting of a set of directions for our very existence. So I put down this devotion and sought answers in the most earnest way I do. Eyes closed, we got to it:
Image source: Prayer Warriors 365
Me: So, you being all-powerful, all-knowing and all-perceiving, you  must have seen our world today so many centuries ago. And yet you allowed for men not to simply lead but to suppress your very beautiful creation, who you apparently put into existence because what you had made before wouldn't handle on their own.

Me: That aside, you did not step in to reveal the power, wisdom and all the gifts you had bestowed within a woman to the nations when you continued to allow men to take power, to flog and treat women like they were no more important than their next possession or cow in their kraal.

Me: You did not step in to demonstrate the beauty and wealth of wisdom that you instilled in a woman when your son came to save this world from its inequities. You allowed for him to pick on a bunch of men to spread the gospel to the nations.

Me: Sure you never asked man to rule over woman. Yeah! Sure you only gave them both power to subdue everything else you created under the heavens (Gen 1: 28-29). But you never stepped in (in all your might) to see to it that the world would honor the woman who brings them into existence, the same way they'd go on to honor the man. Or when you instructed various men to write the book that now gives us the very instruction we trust our lives to on this planet and the life beyond it, our destiny. The Bible.

Me: In all of this, did you sincerely have no place for intervention? Does your grand plan have a place, after thousands of centuries to the opening of eyes of your creation to the power, brilliance and wisdom that you have instilled in each one of us, man and woman alike?

I was so exhausted by this time. I wasn't sure God was still up to answering me this day, even those I hadn't stopped talking. And then an overwhelming physical weight (both light and heavy, calming and pleasant) came over me. He answered.

My Father: I made no mistake with any events of creation from before time until today. I created you and all women before you with a healing touch to bring calm and peace to the nations. I created you with wisdom to counsel and lead without causing turmoil. I created you with enough grace to help without seeking praise. I created you with strength enough to lead without governing.  I created you with intuition enough to take the mantle gracefully without upsetting what equilibrium your counterparts may have established before you.
You're too frustrated to see that you're doing exactly what you were created to do.
And I love you.

You're a Good Good Father!
And right now, I'm tired!
And I don't want to be strong.


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